Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cuteness overload!

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  1. Hello! Lots of love and positivity your way :)
    Our dog " Mimi " passed away this January 12th 2016 and was born May 23, 2004. I bought Mimi when I was praying asking god Since I was in a car accident please send me a sign how to help my situation with depression anxiety and bam dog ! In 2 seconds I got the answer ! I do not know what it was and I found Valerie Ford ( may god rest her soul ) very good lady! Mimi became part of the family not just my dog and now there's a huge hole . Our family is going through sadness and zit is time to get another dog we know it will not replace Mimi or be the same. It will be just different! Please if you can help me that would be so nice! I am looking for a white female Coton De Tulear... if you can please contact me for info! Thank you sooo much !
    Again lots of love and positivity to you and your family !!!